IoT and Telecom Experts

By we offer:
- engineering and consulting services for Telecommunication
- engineering and consulting services for IoT
- engineering and consulting services for public Cloud Infrastructure
- technical project management 
- our main market is on Germany and EU

With rapid digital transformation, speeded up by COVID-19, as well as rise in IoT and convergence towards Internet of Everything it is more important then evert to make data driven and correct decisions. Due to scale of IoT, even the smallest mistakes at project beginning might be very costly and cause huge losses. We have saw many failing exactly in this step, ignoring the fact the Iot requires mobile access.

Let us help you out with:
- setting correct expectations
- help you understand obstacles to connect the 1st device
- help you choose working instead of perfect dream solution
- help you connect by identifying problems and resolving them for you

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What we do

A brief insight into what we offer... And much much more! Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more details!
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GSM, UMTS, LTE or NR?! 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G? Not a problem... We have in depth knowledge and experience in all technologies! Deployed many networks across the globe, as well as participated in the standards creation. We do understand customer pain points, as well as limitations of the operators...

E2E Telecommunication Engineering and Consulting including but not limited to:
- Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Core Network
- Roaming

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Get ready for IoT. One of the fastest growing technologies has many pitfalls for the unexperienced users. Get insight and opinions and solutions from the industry experts and pioneers...

IoT Engineering and Consulting including but not limited to:
- Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Mobile Network troubleshooting, testing and integration
- SIM card troubleshooting, testing and integration
- (embedded) Linux IoT devices troubleshooting, testing and integration
- Site evaluation and measurements

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Cloud Infrastructure

Migrate your infrastructure to Public cloud to decrease cost, increase resilience and performance. Exploit already existing PaaS, SaaS and CaaS Platforms and decrease investment into R&D which you do not need to do! Use your engineering manpower for projects that really count and matter!

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering and Consulting including but not limited to:
- Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Solution Architect as a Service :-)
- Cloud solution Integration and Development
- Infrastructure as a Code

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Project Management

You need a support in technical project management? For any of the technologies mentioned above?

We believe to run a successful project you require knowledge about what you do! How can you evaluate ROI or even do a Risk Management if you do not understand what this is all about.

We offer Project Management services in any of the framework:
- PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile

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About us

Founded in 2018 by Tomislav Miksa, MEng, MBA we offer more than 17 years of experience and knowledge in cutting edge technologies related to communication.

Group of specialists which worked together on various complex and challenging projects all over globe!

We have successfully completed Core Network deployments, integration and testing on four continents. We have deployed global networks and solutions for IoT. And we have completed various projects with diversified stakeholders, always delivering and completing project goals!

We deliver...

NOTE: We do not take projects we are not qualified to complete! We will inform our customers immediately if job is outside of our scope and competences. We strongly believe in transparency and fair communication, as anything else would lead to business losses, disappointment, anger. We tend to stay on light side of the force, and saying no occasionally is there to protect our customers as well as us from very unpleasant experiences!

Why us?

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We know

We know and have deep understanding in the topics listed above! We do not sell dream, but rather reality!
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We care

We care about the future!
We care about society!
We care about environment!

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We deliver

We strongly believe that promises need to be kept! This does not only mean to fulfill contractual minimum but as well everything agreed on meetings, coffee breaks, hall discussions...
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We charge for the value

We stand behind our work and values we deliver! If we ever do not deliver promised value, you are not obliged to pay!
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We play fair

We do not reuse or share any data or information shared with us!

We have strong ethical policies preventing us doing anything unlawful and far more than that...

For example, once we make deal with someone, there is no way we would do a business with our client competitor!
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We do not give empty promises

We do what we promise...
We promise what we can do...

Contact Us

Get in touch
  • Phone:        +49 (0) 176 8555 29 03
  • WhatsApp: +49 (0) 176 8555 29 03
  • Email(s):

  • Address:
  •                       Vesaliusstr. 80
  •                       13187 Berlin
  •                       Germany, Europe

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